The Producers 

Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre - August 2008

The 100+ costumes were designed by Brian Horton.  According to my press kit, Horton plus three full-time costumers and seven part-time stitchers have been working on the costumes for this show since mid-May.  I hope they all get therapeutic massages as part of their benefits package, having to hunch over their sewing machines all that time.  But selfishly, I am glad that they worked so hard.  The costumes for this show are just one visual pleasure after another.

- Indy Theatre Habit


Brian Horton's costumes fuse 42nd Street glam with Brooks' low humor - no other word for it - seamlessly.

- NUVO News

Into the Woods 

Ocean State Theatre Company - May 2015

Brian Horton's costumes, as usual, are creations ideally fitting for their characters. From the tattered, threadbare attire worn by the impoverished Jack and his mother to the ravenous Wolf's furry features swathed in his dapper tail coat, the garments on stage visually reinforce the storytelling in each scene. Of special note are Cinderella' s dazzling ball gown, Rapunzel and the Witch's beautifully wrought robes, and the gathered sleeves and lovely embroidery on the Baker's Wife's dress.

- Broadway World

Costume designer Brian Horton is also working at the top of his craft. He created some truly gorgeous gowns for the ladies.

- Motif Magazine

My Fair Lady

Ocean State Theatre Company - September 2014 

This production is further enhanced with clever scenic design by Clifton Chadick and superb costuming by Brian Horton...Horton's costumes run the gamut from the worn and tattered garb of the denizens of Tottenham Court Road to the dazzlingly-arrayed ladies and gentlemen in the Embassy Ballroom. Especially memorable are the black-and-white togs donned by the elite set at Ascot. These impeccably-crafted costumes are tailored to perfection, each one more sumptuous than the next.

- Broadway World

Brian Horton’s costumes couldn’t have been more “loverly.” I always look forward to seeing what the costume designer comes up with for the elaborate Ascot costumes and fascinators, and Horton did not disappoint.

- The Independent

The Legend of Georgia McBride

Ensemble Theatre - September 2016

 Costume designer Brian Horton does a wonderful job in a show where all eyes are on his work.

- The Sappy Critic

Meet Me in St. Louis

Ocean State Theatre Company - December 2018

OSTC's production values are right on par with its first-rate company. Handsome period costumes by Brian Horton establish the piece's historical moment (Esther's trolley outfit and Rose's Christmas ball gown are special standouts).

-Broadway World


You can usually count on Ocean State for production values, like Brian Horton's elegant, turn-of-the-century costumes. Pothier alone must have appeared in a half-dozen gowns, each a work of art. 

- Providence Journal


Ocean State Theatre Company - July 2015

It will be difficult for any show to top the costume design by Brian Horton. This one has everything, from frumpy dresses to stylish pantsuits to burlesque outfits that light up to dance costumes for child performers. And Horton never misses a beat, creating a uniformly spectacular set of costumes for every actor or actress in every scene.

- Broadway World

42nd Street

Ocean State Theatre Company - July 2014

With Musical Director Justin P. Cowan conducting, the play opens with the overture as a street scene unfolds on Broadway where Brian Horton’s lavish costumes pinpoint each character’s individual persona in enough colors and styles to rival the lights of 42nd Street after dark.

- That's Entertainment

...while the multitude of gorgeous, colorful costumes are by Brian Horton. Especially impressive are the women's gowns for "Dames".

- Theatre Mirror

White Christmas

Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre - December 2010

The costumes, designed by Brian Horton, are especially note-worthy. Horton nails everything from the cinched waists and puffy petticoats to the feathered fans and soldier’s uniforms.

- Stage Write